Customize the list of modules available in Jetpack

Jeffro published an interesting post on WPTavern yesterday: 15+ Plugins To Get Jetpack Functionality Without Using Jetpack.

Knowing me, you won’t be surprised that I immediately started thinking of a few alternatives. :) So here it comes, 3 other ways to customize the list of Jetpack modules, if you cannot use or aren’t interested in everything Jetpack has to offer.

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Discover The Year Without Pants

From time to time, I share links to interesting posts that highlight the way Automattic works, and the way I work on a daily basis. Posts like this one highlight some important parts of my daily work. If you find such posts interesting, you’ll love The Year Without Pants: and the Future of Work.

The Year Without Pants

The book gives an inside look at what it’s like to work at Automattic. Scott Berkun worked with us for over a year, and captured a lot of the small things that make working from home “work”. Better than that, the book is a series of stories; team meetups, project launches, daily interactions with coworkers… Scott doesn’t give you any lessons about how to run your company, but simply gives you an insight through these stories. You’ll learn about distributed company, management, online communication, and you will get a few useful tips to help you work and play with the geeks that we are.

I read the book last week, and I’m now even more happy to work at Automattic :) You should read it too; I’m sure it will make you think of a few changes you could make to your work routine.

Reference: On Sale NOW: The Year Without Pants

Lili Júlia Herve

This morning at 10:42 AM, Lili joined our small family! 3.9kg and 57cm of happiness! Adri is fine, and we’re all relaxing before to go home in a few days.

Ce matin, à 10h42, Lili a finalement pointé le bout de son nez! 3.9kg et 57 cm de pur bonheur ! Adri va bien, et on se repose maintenant un petit peu avant de rentrer à la maison dans quelques jours.

Ma reggel 10:42-kor megszületett Lili, 3.9kg-val és 57 centivel. Mindeki jól van!

I’m a dad! / Je suis Papa / Apa lettem!

Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate

He’s done it again.

You have probably seen one of his videos in the past; Danny is a phenomenon on Youtube since 2009. His tricks are good, but the movies are usually so well edited that it makes it interesting to watch, even if you’re not a big fan of trials. I want to go back to riding every time I watch one of his videos! I also discovered really interesting bands, as the music is an important part of each clip.

His last project was actually a series of 5 episodes, going from a back injury to being back on the bike. You can check the complete Imaginate series here. He did an AMA on Reddit a few days ago, to talk about the series.

If you’re interested, here are his other videos, along with a link to the soundtracks, because I know you’ll want to know more about each band :)

More videos!

Daft Punk: how much is too much?

I don’t know about you, but I see Daft Punk everywhere these days: their new album won’t be released until May 20, 2013, but they advertise ALOT.
I see them on each site running Google Adsense, and their 15-second teaser clip is inserted before each one of the videos I watch on Youtube. Don’t get me wrong, I love Daft Punk. I just don’t see the point of teasing so early and so much. I would probably appreciate it more if it were different teaser clips. I have had to listen to their clip so many times so I got sick of it, and probably won’t buy the album.

Instead, I will probably stick with people being creative and building their own tracks based on the 15-second teaser. And you can download it for free! Enjoy!

Since we’re talking about Adsense for Videos, do you know a way to ignore or block all ads from a specific source, like the Daft Punk channel in this case?

Everybody wants to kill Bruce

Cinema fans will appreciate. I dare you to list the 39 movies used to build this short film. Yipikaye Motherf****r! :-)

Les fans de cinéma apprécieront. A vous de jouer maintenant, et de lister les 39 films utilisés dans la fabrication de ce court-métrage. :)